Elaboration of an expert evaluation of:

Real estate – from apartments to large complexes, hotels and restaurants

Machinery and equipment – all kinds of cars, factory equipment, airplanes, ships, production lines, separate units, wind turbines, solar systems and more.

Whole enterprises – small medium and large, ET, Ltd, EOOD, JSC.

Agricultural lands – for the purposes you set.

Investment projects – both development for bank financing and checking of ready-made projects under European programs – check the European performance criteria to know what response you can expect and how to protect yourself.

Perform an internal audit – if you are applying for a certificate
The ISO 9001/2000 Pre-Preparation will ensure you a seamless certification from any authorized organization

Person to VOS – on the territory of Varna and the region, in all types of litigation and disputes in the field of real estate, as well as machinery, equipment and agricultural land